The Books

Imagine lacking something that everyone else has.   Something that proves you belong to this world.    Something so vital, that without it, you are nobody. A plague. A myth. A human.

THE RAVEN RINGS is a fantasy trilogy built on a norse foundation. The first book ODIN'S CHILD was launched in the fall of 2013, to rave reviews. It quickly became a national bestseller, and the first fantasy ever to be nominated for the prestigious Norwegian Booksellers' Prize. Extraordinarily, the second book in the series - THE ROT - was also nominated in the following year. The third book will be launching in october 2015.

In THE RAVEN RINGS series the classic elements of fantasy literature have been reinvented. There are no prophecies, no dragons, and no magic swords. There is magic, to be sure, but you won't find that word in the book. The protagonist is a resourceful, female outcast, living with a savage Northerner who deals drugs. She is not "chosen", and has no special powers. In fact, what sets her apart is the terrifying fact that she lacks the powers that everyone else has.

The series has been maturing in the head of the author for almost a decade. Dealing with matters of xenophobia, blind faith and the right or will to lead, this is epic fantasy literature with a purpose.