Siri Pettersen awarded the Booksellers' Grant

«Siri Pettersen has distinguished herself as a wonderful storyteller and her books have many readers. We want her to continue writing and this grant will contribute to that,» said Trine Stensen, CEO of the Norwegian Booksellers' Association when she awarded Siri Pettersen the Booksellers' Grant for children's and ya books.

The statement from NBU (Norwegian Authors of children's and ya books) says: «Pettersen has a literary confidence that is rare among new authors. She guides us through her extensive narrative with precision, feeling and solid artistic ability.»


Siri Pettersen (44) has published The Rot (2014) and Odin's Child (2013), both in The Raven Rings series. The last book in the series, The Might, is scheduled for release in October. The books are sold to several countries, including Sweden, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland and Finland. Odin's Child and The Rot were both nominated for the Norwegian Booksellers' Prize and the Bookbloggers Prize. In addition, Odin's Child won the Fabel Award, and was nominated for the Ministry of Culture's debut Award.

About the Booksellers Grant
The grant is a collaboration between the Norwegian Booksellers' Association and the NBU. It is the NBU's literary council that decides who gets the grant, which is funded by the Booksellers' Association's members. Each scholarship is worth 40,000 NOK.