THE MIGHT chosen as "Book of the year" by the ARK bookchain!

THE MIGHT has been chosen by ARK readers as the best reading experience of 2015, among 15 nominees. This is the first time the ARK Prize is awarded.

The ARK bookchain is the largest in Norway. They invited 10 000 of their most dedicated readers to nominate their favourite books. There were no restrictions on language, genre og binding. The only criterium was that the book was published in 2015. When the nominations were official, all 700 000 ARK-friends were invited to vote for  the winner.

«THE MIGHT is the third book in THE RAVEN RINGS, a solid and ambitious fantasy trilogy by Siri Pettersen. The series is about the atypical fantasy heroine Hirka, a resourceful female outcast with a unique inner strength - who is neither chosen or magical. With confidence of prose, artistic density, psycological and mythical debth - and also pointed and dark social criticism with a clear message that Hirka represents - Siri Pettersen has shown that it is entirely possible to write fantasy of high-ranking international standards, in NorwegianARK says about the winner.

The other nominations were:

Hvitt hav by Roy Jacobsen
Etter deg by Jojo Moyes
En sjøens helt: Blodige strender by Jon Michelet
Bienes historie by Maja Lunde
Mi briljante venninne by Elena Ferrante
Historia om det nye Namnet by Elena Ferrante
De urolige by Linn Ullmann
Magnet by Lars Saabye Christensen
Vingebelastning by Helga Flatland
Blindgang by Jørn Lier Horst
Bror din på prærien by Edvard Hoem
Mere blod by Jo Nesbø
Verden som var min: 60-tallet by Ketil Bjørnstad
Max, Mischa & Tetoffensiven by Johan Harstad