THE MIGHT nominated for the Norwegain YA Award!

THE MIGHT is nominated for the YA Award (Uprisen), which is the only exclusive young adult award in Norway, nominated and awarded by youth.

The five nominees are selceted by a jury of four young readers, based on around 1000 reviews of last years YA books, written by high school students. 

The nominees are:

#alfahann, by Jan Tore Noreng, Gyldendal
Mumiens mysterium,  by Tom Egeland, Aschehoug
Evna (Ravneringene 3), by Siri Pettersen, Gyldendal
Glimt, by Tor Arve Røssland, Samlaget
I morgen er alt mørkt - Marlens historie, by Sigbjørn Mostue, Cappelen Damm