THE MIGHT awarded the South Litterary Prize!

Siri Pettersen is this years winner in the fiction catagory with THE MIGHT, the third book in THE RAVEN RINGS-series.

The jury's announcement:

"With this book, Siri Pettersen concludes THE RAVEN RINGS trilogy. She has created an impressive fantasy universe. The heroine Hirka will have a long life with Norwegian readers. Pettersen writes for young adults, but there is little doubt that these books will be able to raise the fantasy genre from the nerd's lofts and into a broader, more mature reader's market. THE MIGHT is a masterful conclusion to a story and a universe that has the genre's characteristics but also brings up fundamental issues in our society like alienation, exclusion, identity and class distinctions. Let yourselves be fascinated by the opportunities in fantasy and enjoy a language and a form of dialogue that is rock solid."

The other nominees in the category of fiction was Karl Ove Knausgård and Terje Dragseth. Agnes Margrethe Bjorvand and illustrator Lisa Aisato won in the nonfiction class with their biography of Astrid Lindgren.

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