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Fantasy without fotnotes
While working on her debut novel «Odinsbarn», Pettersen was told that she shouldn't write fantasy. Fantasy "wasn't published" and "wasn't read". Since its launch in september «Odinsbarn» is in its third edition, has been sold to Brazil, and recieved ever more great reviews. 
[Bodil Aga Aandstad, Deichmans Litteraturblogg]

Norse ecco in Norwegian fantasy
"I would really like too be translated!" Debut author Siri Pettersen (42) has written ODIN'S CHILD, a book readers claim is physically painful to put down. [NRKBok/Nina Nordbø]

Flying high with debut fantasy
Siri Pettersen has spent almost ten years building her fantasyt debut ODIN'S CHILD, the first book in the series THE RAVEN RINGS, and one of the most buzzed titles this fall. Ravens and Japan have played a part in developing the story. [Bokelskerinnen]

Books are magical portals!
Earlier this year, Siri Pettersen (born 1971) launched Odin's Child, her first fantasy novel. It's the first book in the series The Raven Rings, where we follow the girl Hirka. Pettersen has published comics earlier, and in 2002 she won the Sproing award as newcommer of the year. I've been lucky to get an interview with the fantasy debutant, and I'm happy to share it with you here on my blog. [Av en annen verden]