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We see a new star rising in the sky of fantasy
What the norwegian debut author Siri Pettersen has achieved with the first book in the planned trilogy "The Raven Rings", is a future classic. I have rarely been as impressed as I am by her drive, her storytelling abilities and visual qualities. I have to go back many years to find anything like it. We now see a new star rising in the sky of fantasy. A star that not only shines across a norse and frozen Scandinavia, but also for sure will shine internationally.
[Steven Ekholm, Dagens Nyheter] 

Impressive fantasy-universe (5/6)
"Above all, it's the well-crafted prose and the absence of speculative effects which raise this work high above many others in the overpopulated fantasy genre. The book offers nerve-wracking suspense and convincing characters."
[May Grethe Lerum, VG]

Fantastic bulls-eye (6/6)
"Siri Pettersen enters the Norwegian literary field with a fantasy novel so well-crafted and so exciting that it seems almost incomprehensible that a debut author is capable of such an achievement."
[Solgunn Solli, Altaposten]

Very promising (5/6)
Debut Author Siri Pettersen exhibits talent way beyond average in the fantasy genre, and has written a vivid, exciting and great story."
[Ørjan Greiff, Adresseavisen]

"An impressive work running at a steady pace towards a spectacular conclusion."
[Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet]

Creative and meaningful fantasy
"Odin's Child is excellent entertainment. But it's more than that, it has a message - it provides important meaning in a creative way."
[Nordlys, Margoth Hovda-Lien]

Norwegian fantasy to a new level
"The twists throughout the book puts "Odin's Child" in the fantasy landscape as if it was always there."
[Kristin Øhrn, Brabok]

What could I say about this book that hasn't already been said?
"Siri Pettersen has written a debut novel that has excited people over the country, and there's just one thing to say. I am hereby applying for membership in the choir of excitement, for this was a novel worth reading."
[Hysj! Lesing pågår]

Siri Pettersens roaring debut with the fantasy novel "Odin's Child"
"With "Odin's Child, Pettersen has created a rich, original fantasy universe, unlike anything I have read in this country."
[Bare én side til]

Now I can't wait for the next book to arrive
"Odin's Child is a well-crafted Young Adult fantasy novel. You are sucked into the story straight away, and stay there - as if paralyzed - until it finishes."

Solid fantasy that I can whole-heartedly recommend!
"With Odin's Child, Siri Pettersen has written a really good and fascinating fantasy novel."
[Siljes skriblerier]

And what a book!!
"I've been reading all through the weekend, I just had to know how what would happen to Hirka, the tailless one."
[Groskro's verden]

I was completely lost beyond this world! 
"It's been two months since I finished, yet I still can't seem to forget Hirka and the other characters in the book."
[Ann's verden]

An original fantasy book about courage, and finding yourself 
Plot and characters are solidly crafted, refreshing, and feeds the reader with one vivid image after the other. It is almost like watching a movie."
[I Bokhylla]

Outsider, shaman and rebel 
"... shows that the idea base for fantasy litterature is expanding ... This is an impressive, ambitious and well written debut."
[Morten Olsen Haugen]

An incredibly exciting fantasybook!
"Odins Child is solid fantasy with incredibly exciting characters, beautiful environments and really well-crafted prose!"
[Je læs!]

Nothing left to do, except take off your hat, bow to the ground and offer your congratulations! 
"Pettersen has crafted a believable and convincing universe, with a rich and diverse cast of characters."
[Bøker & bokhyller]

A Norwegian masterpiece of a book 
"Finally, the day has arrived, that I can tell you about Odin's Child. A book that left me speechless." 

New Norwegian fantasy
"It's a feast when I find a book that invites me into a completely new fantastic environment, and that surpises me with unexpected characters!"
[Buskerud leser]

I could not put it down 
"This is writing and plotting that belongs way up there with the international writers."

Decidedly the best book I have read in the fantasy genre
"This is a book that offers almost everything. Good characters, a lot of excitement, drama and romance, among other things, and I'll say it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or sex."
[Ragnorok, Ubok]

So you just HAVE to read this!
"Yes, I liked it, Odin's Child. Actually, I think it would take a lot NOT to like it. Maybe if you can't stand fantasy, although I think it's very possible to hate fantasy and still love Odin's Child."
[Karis bokprat]

This is simply pure gold!
"She has achieved it all: complexed and exciting characters, insanely cool villains, supertough warriors and an explosive protagonist."
[Makrelljinta læs]

This is a good and exciting story with real drive
"A universe that WORKS. It is obvious that the writer has thouroughly considered how this world is build. Everything is really well connected."
[Akershus leser]

Nothing left to do but wait for the sequel.
"As you can see from the picture I had to pull out my marker pen, a sure sign that the book is one of the best books I have read."
[Anettes bokboble]

Make time to read this book, you will not regret it!
"I really enjoy stories that manage to hold on to the suspence, and Siri does, in this book, the first of three.
[Arne-Harald Steilbu]

Did I find what I was looking for? Yes! 
"It is exciting, unpredictable, has great characters that I care what happens to, and a solidly crafted world." 
[Bokstavelig talt]

Hirka is the greatest thing since Harry 
"To anyone who loves fantasy, this is undoubtedly THE book this autumn!"
[Mettemor møter massene]

Sparkling fantasy!
"Often in fantasy, it is the battle between good and evil that dominates, but this time the story is not so straight forward, and it is incredibly suiting. Good character descriptions, exciting story."