ODIN'S CHILD nominated for the Bookbloggers' Prize!

ODIN'S CHILD is shortlisted for the Bookbloggers' Prize. It is one of three books in the the open category, which spans everything from young adult to poetry.

The Bookbloggers' Prize was founded january 26th 2013, and will be awarded for the first time in september 2014. The prize was created by a group of recognized bookbloggers; Line TidemannSilje Risøy HelgerudGro SkrøvsetLise GrimnesRose Marie Christiansen and Elin Brend Bjørhei. Their goal is to engage bookbloggers, as well as rais awareness on norwegian litterature.

The shortlist for the award NOVEL OF THE YEAR:

  • Disse øyeblikk by Herbjørg Wassmo (Gyldendal)
  • Fugletribunalet by Agnes Ravatn (Samlaget)
  • De usynlige by Roy Jacobsen (Cappelen Damm)

The shortlist for the award OPEN CATEGORY: (Young adult, childrensbooks, non-fiction and other)

  • Fugl by Lisa Aisato (Gyldendal)
  • Urd by Ruth Lillegraven (Tiden)
  • Odinsbarn by Siri Pettersen (Gyldendal)


More about the Bookbloggers' Prize (In norwegian only)