ODIN'S CHILD has won the Fabel Award!

The Fabel Award 2014 was awarded during the Norcon science-fiction festival in Oslo, march 15th. The Award is presented to the best literary work in fantasy or science-fiction, published within the previous year. It is awarded by the union "Fabelprosaens venner", whose purpose is to promote fantastic literature in Norway.

This is the jurys argument:

"Siri Pettersens Odin's Child is a convincing novel, set in a world that is compellingly familiar, yet different from our own nordic heritage. It is a grand story about faith, doubt, belonging, suspicion, fear for all things unknown, fear of peace and war alike. Odin's Child describes an entwined world with complex challenges, peopled by believable characters. Yet Siri Pettersen has delievered it all with fabulous language, making the book a joy to read. The jury is sincerely happy to award the Fabel Award 2014 to a novel this ambitions and successful."