ODIN'S CHILD is nominated for the Ministry of Culture's Debut Award!

The nominations for the Ministry of Cultures Awards for kids- and young adults literature published in 2013 is made public february 17th 2014. Odin's Child is nominated for the Debut Award.

"Odin's Child is the term for those like Hirka, the 15-year-old protagonist of Siri Pettersen's debut novel. Hirka is a human being, which distinguishes her from all other creatures in Pettersen's fictional universe. It makes her different, feared and despised. Siri Pettersen is familiar with fantasy novel dramaturgy and narrative strategies; also in Odin's Child tells of power struggles and heroes who must qualify as heroes by making wise choices. But what the jury has noted in Pettersen's debut, is the willingness to nuance, and challenge established fantasy conventions. With Hirka, the novel challenges xenophobia and authoritarianism. The fact that the author is able to convey such a complex universe in rich and original language throughout 600 pages, makes Odin's Child a strong debut."